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Most artists after the Enlightenment Movement, only seem to be interested in depicting on their canvases that which can be seen by the naked eye. The Madonnas with the baby, the Saints, Jesus and all the host of angels vanished from their paintings, but also the gods, goddesses, nymphs, fauns, centaurs and all the mythological beings from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Nordic worlds.
But what has been scarcely realized is that with this attitude the Western world was disenchanted, since not only faith disappears but also the free use of the imagination. And this disapproval is what was at the root of all the Avant-garde movements, who actually wanted to recover the use of the imagination. In Kandinsky´s words: “We must destroy the soulless, materialistic life of the 19th. century. We must build the life of the soul and spirit of the 20th. century”. This is also something that Christian writers like G. K. Chesterton, J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis saw very clearly and the reason for their imaginative works full of Greek, Roman and Nordic myths.
Indeed, God needs to be restored to His rightful place in the minds and imagination of the Western mind, but maybe before that can take place the West needs to be re-enchanted. It needs to go back to that paradigm in which the imagination was open to see and believe in more than what the naked eye can see. The artists of the Avant-gard movement, even though they tried very hard, were unable to do this. We believe helping to bring about this re-enchantment, is one of the best services a Christian artist can give to God at this crucial time.